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Friendly to Your Trees & Comprehensive to Your Needs: Tree Trimming & Pruning.

Our services provide safety for everyone: you, your trees, your property, the environment and the community. We evaluate and manage tree care with outstanding ability.

Our main focus is saving your trees. Through tree trimming and pruning you can maintain your tree’s health with a method that isn’t intrusive nor detrimental. As landscaping and tree experts, we’ll maintain the aesthetic of your trees, attending both their necessities as well as yours.

In residential & commercial jobs, we serve the Cary, North Carolina community and surrounding areas with professional crews, services and equipment. The bigger the tree, the more care it needs, but with us, the less it’ll cost. Contact Beaver’s Tree Service & Landscaping today!

Tree Trimming: A Consistent & Practical Way to Care for Your Trees All Year Round.

Tree trimming is a huge part of integral tree care and growth. Strong and solid trees not only look good, but they’re also safe and offer tons of benefits. In every stage of your tree growth, trimming is the right companion and so is Beaver’s Tree Service & Landscaping.

Shaping, directing tree growth, preventing or repairing damage, adding curb appeal and eliminating hazards are the many tasks tree trimming tackles. Your tree will always need trimming. We make this service accessible and affordable to fulfill.

No season is an exception for tree trimming. When overgrown tree limbs snap and fall inroads, they become a risk. This happens all the time throughout the year and during colder months the risk is much higher. Trimming can prevent this during wintertime and also helps snow melt faster by letting more light through.

Prepare your trees for any weather condition with tree trimming. Schedule your trimmings today and get a special 20% discount in jobs greater than $1000 from December to January!

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