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Prompt Solutions for your Stump Removal Needs.

Removing a tree stump in your property can be a hassle but it has to be gone. You can trust the job to Beaver’s Tree Service & Landscaping as we are experts in tree services from the smallest to the largest jobs in North Carolina. Contact us today!

We Preserve What’s Important to You

Beaver’s Tree Service & Landscaping strives to provide integral solutions for all of your needs. Our practices are directed towards preserving everyone’s safety.

A stump removal job may seem like a disturbing job but, when we execute it, we make sure we protect your property, investment, and satisfaction as well as your tree’s health and lawn’s aesthetic. Our precise work will guarantee your desired results without any damage.

If you’re worried that a stump removal will affect your lawn’s curb appeal, don’t hesitate. We can restore the patch to its old appearance or even better as we also offer lawn care.

After we’ve achieved your desired results you can be certain that they will be long-lasting thanks to our thorough process. Our work ensures we prevent sprout regrowth to preserve the product.


Safe Stump Removal: Rely On Our Professional Service

Stump removal extends beyond simply grinding a stump. If some aspects are overlooked they can cause severe damage, but with a professional company, you can avoid it.

An experienced tree service professional understands the whole stump removal process and has the required technique and expertise to execute it. No job is the same as the other, some of them are more demanding but a specialist will adapt to any size and situation.

A trained expert will constantly care for customer safety as well as its own. He or she can handle the equipment and tools required for a stump removal job, not only a stump grinder.

Lack of experience can lead to terrible consequences such as damaging the equipment, water or sewer lines in your property, causing yourself injuries or even having liability issues. To obtain the best and safest results quickly and inexpensively, contact Beaver’s Tree Service & Landscaping. Call us today!

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