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We Do What’s Best for Your Lawn.

Your lawn may not always be at its peak condition. Perhaps you’ve used harsh products or methods on your lawn. Brown spots, weeds or pests can also happen and looking at a filthy lawn is just too discouraging to bother about it.

Beaver’s Tree Service & Landscaping offers prompt and convenient lawn services with personalized attention for you and your lawn. We are the number one choice among the North Carolina residents.

Every lawn is different but they all require specialized care. Lawn care has never been more efficient than with Beaver’s Tree Service & Landscaping. Give us a call today!

Integral Lawn Services.

Our lawn services aren’t intrusive with your plants. Our services have a holistic approach and all of our solutions complement each other, varying from mowing, trimming, gardening, fertilization, sodding, planting and irrigation.

At Beaver’s Tree Service & Landscaping we think the process and method are just as important as the result. Our job isn’t finished until you are satisfied with our work and your lawn looks impeccable. Get a free estimate today!

We Do Care for Your Lawn’s Care.

Beaver’s Tree Service & Landscaping can restore your lawn and give it adequate maintenance all year round. Our lawn care is focused on your lawn’s health. A healthy lawn gives back through its gorgeous looks.

To us, lawn care is more than just getting all the tasks done carelessly. We do everything to protect your lawn from the smallest grass to the tallest bush. Our work is driven towards appropriate plant growth and comprehensive customer attention. We are mindful of our work and how we perform it.

You can trust us with our lawn services and show your lawn you care by providing it with the professional care only Beaver’s Tree Service & Landscaping knows how to give. Contact us today!

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